Fleas on Dogs

Well, Each and every one of the people who owns a dog, know the ambivalent feeling once they understand that their dog has brought home some unwelcome guests – Fleas on dogs!

 The Fleas feel very comfortable on dogs, especially if the dog has its own special place at home, a special carpet or kennel. The carpet, the blanket or the kennel your dog is sleeping in, is a real welcoming habitat for fleas on dogs. At summer, try to vacuum these places and wash them much more often – Once you wash it, try to let it dry before you put it back at your pets place (Three quarters of the Flea’s life is spent on the area around the dog and not on the dog, Only the adults live on the dogs hair). The eggs usually fall from the dog all around the house, especially around the pets’ environment. 

Fleas loves a moisturize areas so in order to help you prevent fleas on dogs; try to keep those areas clean and dry. Air condition would help a lot as well.

Fleas on dogs will itch you, itch your family and your dog. The itches caused by the fleas’ bites.

 At this website I will try to help you get rid of this Nuisance.

The most common fleas’ species on dogs is called ctenocephalides.

You can see the reaction that caused by fleas on dogs at the dogs back, near the tail.

Fleas on dogs become worms hosts - Once you are taking care of the fleas, don’t forget to deal with the dogs’ worms as well.

Do you think you’re the only one who suffers from fleas on dogs?