Garden Flea Control

Lot of people asks me for my secret of keeping fleas away from my garden.

 As you probably know by now, the best way for keeping fleas away is to treat your pet whole area – Inside your house and at the garden as well.

Well, here is my great tip (Thanks to patti):

  1. Begin by watering all the leaves at your garden!  (Trees, bush etc.) – It is going to act like glue at the next step so it is very important to water all the leaves very carefully.
  2. Spreading “Diatomaceous earth” with a duster– This light powder will stick to the leaves thanks to the moist (I hope you followed the 1′st step above – Watering the leaves).
    Please notice that this powder is completely safe for humans and for animals as well.
  3. Spread the “Diatomaceous earth” on your dog’s bedding.
  4. The powder dehydrates and kills the fleas!

Keep these simple tips and you’ll get free of fleas :-)