Kill fleas

There are many ways to kill fleas! Some of you will do it themselves and others will hire pesticides and so.

Anyhow, you will need to kill fleas inside your house, kill fleas on your pet’s body and all around your garden - You need to treat your house thoroughly: clean dust, sweep the floor real good, vacuum (With flea collar inside), shampoo your carpets and it is better to wash your dog bed with hot water

If you’re going to use sprays and other insecticide materials, please make sure they are labeled as safe foe furniture, carpets, rugs and everywhere you’re going to use it in order to kill fleas.

Don’t forget to ask for indoor insecticide.

Make sure you are not poisoning your family and read the instructions carefully, (The pests need to be based on water). Please notice that sometimes it is not allowed aim these pests on your pet – Stay focus: Kill fleas !

The cheapest insecticide and the best at this category is the emulsifiable concentrates products.

Long lasting Kill fleas products are made with bubbles which contains ingredients that kill fleas at the moment they blows by your pets once they step on it.

The most effective and longest lasting products are the ones with wet concentrates – powder. It will kill fleas for as long as 90 days but the powder is a bit visible on dark surfaces.

Don’t forget to kill fleas all over the house – close each room until the spray/ powder falls on the floor and don’t let anyone enter the room until it does: Try to combine acclaim spray around the house + flea spray on your pet + combing your pet’s fur (This way you will kill adult fleas and stop their breeding).

To avoid fleas from getting inside your house, use diatomaceous earth by dusting it around the window seals, baseboard areas, wall corners and doorways. You can also spread diatomaceous earth on carpets – It is better to minimize your steps around the house for a few hours and later on, don’t forget to vacuum all around.

Keep vacuuming and clean the floor at your pets area more frequently – That would really help you kill the fleas. Don’t forget to get rid or to clean the vacuum cleaners bag!

Another way to kill fleas uses steam – fleas can’t live in very high or low temperature and when you steam carefully the area, you can kill fleas at any stage of life (from eggs to adults).

Here, at How to get rid of fleas website, I’m giving you many tips that would help you kill fleas :

Flea Shampoo, Flea Collars, Flea Spray , Flea Traps etc.

Kill fleas: